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San Albino Tree Nursery (Vivero) and Compost Programs

During the first 8 years of its exploration program, Mako did not cut a single tree. On the contrary, the Company planted approximately 9,000 trees, and the San Albino Tree Nursery is producing approximately 1,500 trees bi-monthly.

The Program:

  • Contributes to the reforestation and renovation of the already damaged ecosystem and to the improvement of biodiversity with native species.
  • Protects the river banks within the area of the project.
  • Protects the watershed by reforestation, and the environment by using organic material.
  • Replaces pesticides and dangerous chemical components with compost as a natural resource to restore soil.
  • The Company has completed a base line study and tree census of the area to expose the area of ‘high risk’ which requires immediate actions
  • The Company has created ancillary jobs prior to any mining activities.

Mako has engaged in several educational programs in cooperation with the Municipality of El Jicaro, local schools, and the National University of Agriculture (UNAG) in Managua:

  • Together with the Municipality and local communities, the Company is involved in an Awareness Program that teaches the importance of reforestation and the replacement of pesticides by compost to restore the native characteristics of the soil, and make propertives more productive without destroying the land. A Recycle and Reuse Program enables locals to produce compost by clearing land of bushes.
  • An educational program in cooperation with local schools provides compost and trees for students to plant within the school area. It teaches the importance of recycling, creating organic compost, reforestation of the river banks, etc.

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