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Safety first is Mako’s work policy. Below are highlights of the Company’s health and safety guidelines.

  • Employees have a right to refuse to work if in their opinion they are operating in unsafe conditions.
  • The Company is obligated to provide safety equipment.
  • All worksites where mechanical disturbance occurs (e.g. trenching, drilling, underground workings) must have a Manager on site. The requirement for a Manager applies equally to mineral exploration or mining and it refers to the person in charge appointed by the Company (field supervisors, party chiefs or crew chiefs).
  • Promotion of safe working practices is the responsibility of all workers, management, and contractors employed by the Company.
  • Employers and supervisors must provide information, instruction, supervision and enforcement, when necessary, to protect employees’ health and safety.
  • It is also the responsibility of each and every employee to do his or her work in a safe manner and watch out for the safety of co-workers. It is in the best interests of all individuals to become as knowledgeable, aware, and self-reliant as possible regarding safety awareness.
  • Field supervisors, party chiefs and crew chiefs should be thoroughly familiar with safe working procedures.
  • Particular attention will be directed to workers entering the mineral exploration industry and specifically to workers new to the workforce. It must never be assumed that any hazard is obvious, or that any safety procedure is necessarily self-evident.
  • Appropriate safety and first aid equipment and suitably trained personnel will be available at working locations.
  • The Company will implement on-site safety orientation, followed by regular safety meetings and training in the safe use of equipment to ensure safe work practices.
  • Employees will have access to appropriate means of rendering or summoning assistance in case of emergency. A tallying procedure is established at each job site to ensure that all workers are accounted for at the end of each working day.

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